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Bonnie and her horse, Penny                      

Greetings, fellow animal lovers!

Thank you for visiting my website.  I hope that you find these pages useful and informative; and if you desire a better understanding of our animal companions, here's my motto:  Always be respectful, and stay "paws-itive"!

What is Animal Communication?

By now, most animal lovers have probably heard the term "Pet Psychic."  When using psychic abilities, or intuition, with animals, I am able to communicate on a level that exists beyond the physical.  Animals are known to be highly intuitive beings, so there is already an open line of communication.

My Goals

As an Animal Communicator and Practitioner of Reiki and Theta Healing, my goals are to:
   ~give animals a voice
   ~educate pet parents and help them develop a deeper bond with their pets
   ~bridge the communication gap between humans and their pets for greater understanding and improved relationships

For  upcoming classes/events, exciting offers, and pet-related resource info, please be sure to check out the "News/Resources" page.

You are also invited to read about some interesting pet topics on Bonnie's blog:

Have you ever wondered what  your pet is thinking or feeling?

Wouldn't it be interesting to find out what your pets want or need?

 Are you grieving over the loss of a beloved pet?

Through her gift of intuition and by telepathic communication, Bonnie is able to "speak" with all kinds of animals to reveal answers to your questions...

Services offered:
* help with unresolved concerns about your pet's behavior or health
* connect with a pet who has passed
* address your questions about ill/injured, or aging/dying pets
* through energy work, help
animals to achieve improved
improved physical and 
emotional health
Also now available:
Intuitive readings and healing sessions for people!


          Phone Contact:

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  Bonnie and her friend, and first client,
Tessie -- a rescued 5 year-old 
Siberian Husky 

(After a short but difficult battle with cancer, Tessie made her transition into spirit on October 11, 2008.)

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